Aktuelle Warnhinweise!

Zur Zeit ist folgendes eMail in Umlauf:

Dear (hier steht Ihr Vor-und Nachname),

This is to inform you that Auto-Renewal setting for your McAfee protection has been disabled. As such, McAfee will not renew automatically your subscription and will not charge your credit card until you renew now. At expiration your computer may be vulnerable to dangerous online threats unless you renew McAfee subscription. Hence you are requested to purchase the McAfee Renewal from McAfee Renewal Center.

We are glad to inform you that, you have been nominated for McAfee Renewal Offer. With this limited offer you are nominated to get 24 months of free subscription with 4-Year McAfee Renewal, 18 months of free subscription with 3-Year McAfee Renewal, 10 months of free subscription with 2-Year McAfee Renewal and 4 months of free subscription with 1-Year McAfee Renewal..

To renew your McAfee Subscription with the McAfee Renewal Offer please click here > McAfee Renewal Center (nicht klicken, dieser Link zeigt nach https://lc.chat/now/11054252/ und hat nichts mit McAfee zu tun!)


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